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essex wedding bouquets
wedding bouquets White and Blue Flowers Bouquets
Bride Bouquets For a wedding the lily of the valley is sometimes called “the ladder to heaven.” would normally have to be imported. The fresh, perfumed scent from its tiny flowers is unmistakable. Lily of the valley is only available for a short time each year like most flowers . Then add a touch of blue.
shoes wedding dresses
Wedding Dresses and Shoes Winter Wedding Dress's
Look good look fabulous look wonderful, one of the biggest decisions you make for your wedding planning choosing your dress , second has to be the shoes.
reception ideas
Reception Venue Ideas The Reception
Enjoy the idea of using vintage style tea cups filled with strawberries a great affordable detail adding a touch of whimsy to a tea party wedding
layermarney weddings
Local Venues Layer Marney Tower
Layer Marney Tower Colchester


message from the photographer
I really hope you like the new website we have for Colchester weddings it has just gone live and we are trying to add more and more material , tips , ideas , trends to make your big day even more special. I really felt I wanted to start this new detailed site to show you my 20 years of experience photographing weddings. Please feel to drop in to my main site Ian Johnson Read more
winter wedding dresses
This stunning winter inspired wedding dress's are from designer Lova Weddings. You can probably guess the designer is swedish so has a lot of experience with snow and ice. Lova distributes worldwide and have their HQ in China. Read more
Colchester wedding decorations
Peter Carl Faberge was commissioned to create the first Faberge egg for a wedding anniversary, so there is no reason not to use them for your table decorations. Fabergé eggs and other silver decorations. Outfit the room in luxurious white and gold, topping tables with fur-trimmed chairs. Read more: Wedding Style: Period-Perfect Wedding - You could create a Faberge egg as a cake topper if that is your theme . Read more
wedding transport ideas
Wedding transport in Colchester , as wedding photographers we see many great ideas for your wedding transport . Read more
French wedding cakes
There are now hundreds of different styles and flavors and textures of wedding cakes the choice is endless but most importantly when choosing your cake don't forget about the taste , it might look very very good but you want to taste fantastic as well . Hopefully the inspiration you find here on my website will give you some great ideas take a look at this cake from a Frinton bakery. Read more
winter wedding photographers
The UKs Top 10 winter wedding photographers list came out in November.Photographing in November through March always presents photographers conditions that are not there in the summer , the main one being light . In your wedding planning you should speak to a top experienced winter wedding photographer for advice . You as the couple must really decide what is important to you when it comes to photography . Often I speak to couples planning their weddings in winter and haven't actually given the day light any thought. So if outdoor wedding portraits are important to you with a snow scene in the background of course we must do this during the day. A lot of couples and now more and more in UK are seeing each other before the actual ceremony. I have plenty of experience with this and highly recommend it i have a video if you would like to see. Read more
hair and make up
Wedding Hairstyles when it comes to hair styles on your big day. Only you know how your hair reacts during the winter and weather conditions, really give this some extra consideration what is good in the summer sometimes is not good in the winter. Be very careful if you are or want to use flowers in your hair as part of your winter wedding hair design, having real flowers in your hair is really becoming a modern day classic, you should always ask your florist walked flowers would they suggest for your hair style and whether they can do something with the design and cut of that flower. I once remember having a winter wedding it was very very cold I think it was -10, we did the portraits earlier in the day so we could use the daylight, the bride had chosen a orchids for the bouquet and hair. Because it was so cold outside we split the wedding portrait session into two parts the flowers in her hair were destroyed.. Read more
best wedding moments
Cooliest wedding I ever photographed, a wedding in Colchestster No-one can prepare you for this type of wedding. There were special moments all day , and one photo from the wedding became an award winning photo in Nikons Worldwide Photo competition. Read more


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Wedding galleries of venues or of weddings, contact us for a link. We have full galleries for Colchester weddings and destination weddings from all over the world.

Packages Availability

One of the most puzzling things is some couples just assume Im booked and incredibly expensive by looking at my website ' Oh he must be booked'' Oh he must be expensive ' Please dont assume that . There are many variations of winter packages for wedding couples from 3 hour coverage. If I am booked for your day I will want to help you personally, I will recommend a full time professional that I trust. There are many photographers out there claiming to be photographers, please be extremely careful and make sure you see a body of work with winter weddings for 10 years NOT on just one snowy day

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Service If you need a wedding planner for the day please let me know, but if you want help with my contacts within the industry to make your wedding a success I can help with great advice from photographing Weddings in Colchester for the past 20 years.

Album Design and Video

If you want help with video of your wedding event, please let me know. I can send you a link of what we have done . Albums or coffee table books are professionally designed for you, no matter what package you order. They are designed in in such a way it is easy to replace or choose different photos, the design process allows you to order an album and your parents can order a completely new design and size. There are three types of albums available so there will be something you will like.


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