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Commercial Headshots

Commercial Headshots Gallery Commercial Headshots Gallery Commercial Headshot Gallery

What does your LinkedIn portrait say about you?

Studies have shown that the photo’s content have a very significant impact on who comes in contact with them. Firstly we always look in someones eyes, studies also show we look for something white in a portrait, we also decide directly whether we like the photo or not.

Ok some one is looking at your Linkedin portrait and looking directly at your eyes. What are you thinking about can your eyes tell someone something, I think they can.  Actors are great at this here is a photo of Ed Harris, any ideas as to what he is thinking.

So what other factors should we think about persons in contact with the image whose color balance and brightness are balanced correctly react with less stress than when they come in contact with the corresponding images in high contrast or very dark portraits. A professional photographer know this, which is why professional portraits by a professional photographer usually give a better impression.

Likewise, the design of a portrait is important.  So the background is also important its your portrait that should stand out not the background.  What works best neutral grey, studies tell us that in business a touch of blue is good, so if the background has to be white make sure your photographer can add that bit of blue

The importance of having a professional LinkedIn portrait

We are exposed daily to more and more pictures. Some claim that the Internet’s increased popularity and the ease of which do visually-based production, has made the first impression is no longer based on the textual context. Research also shows that the first impression almost always created by the visual experience. Should experience however, be consolidated and be prolonged, it must also then be conveyed in words.

If we apply this way of thinking on LinkedIn so it means two things. First, the profile image, or portrait, is considered a sort of advertisement for the profile itself. It is the image that captures the visitor’s attention. Second. When the text then takes over, it can be designed to further strengthen the impression that the profile image conveyed. Taken together will be as well the image as text important for the whole. Without an appropriate image is however nothing that leads the visitor on.

Social Media and LinkedIn

It has become considerably more common for companies and agencies employ people through what is known as non-traditional channels. An example of this is what is often referred to as headhunting. This means that employers themselves choose to seek out potentially employable people instead of vice versa. Most often they are looking at the traditional social networks.

As a cross between a social network, job posting and resume service, we find LinkedIn. Where they can give their formal and informal qualifications, their contact information and connect to social networks made up of people in the same industry, friends, colleagues and so on.


January 17, 2017


Commercial Headshots

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