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10 Best benefits of Google Business Views with 360 panorama photography.
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10 Best Benefits of Google Business Views

Google Business Views

Ian Johnson is a Google Trusted Photographer Google Business Views photographer


Google Business Views is the new marketing tool with the newest and cutting edge technology, which showcases a 360-degree panoramic views of  businesses directly from your computer. It highlights the place of business along with its surroundings and structure. It is convenient and affordable, and allows the customer to explore the place from the convenience of their home through their website, Google Page or Google maps listing. We present you 10 best benefits of using Google Business Views.

1) Show off your business:

Google business view provides a chance to show off your beautifully designed interior from every vantage point. It gives competitive advantage to businesses to show their future customers what they are missing. It is a good way to showcase all the details, like ambiance and structure to the customers from their desktop or mobiles.

2) Stand out in search listings:

One of the most important benefits of using Google Business Views is that it provides an excellent way to showcase images of your business and highlight photos and the knowledge of the place. It is a good chance to stand out for your customers and have a strong foothold in the virtual market.


3) Increase foot traffic:

Making a strong position in the virtual market is of utmost importance. Google Business Views can give customers a chance to explore the place of business. It can also help them decide whether they would like to visit the place. A catchy advertisement is a must, so that the visitors get to know the place of business better before walking through the doors.

4) Premium photos and photography:

The most important benefit that the Google Business Views provide businesses with is that they can hire professional photographers that take a 360-degree panoramic view of the place of business. Also 10 High resolution images with good quality of the business . Extremely important to know you can use these in your own marketing or social media. So that customers gets to see great looking photographs of the business. A customer always shops with their eyes first. The more appealing the outlook the more customers would be attracted towards the business.

5) Service is mobile friendly:

Google business maps is mobile friendly and highly reliable; a potential customer can easily have an immersive and interactive experience from their mobiles, Ipads or desktops. The potential customers can get directions straight to the place of business with no limitation to the viewing of the surroundings. Therefore, it is a perfect piece of marketing technology that is easy and accessible to use.

6) Easy to share on social media:

Google Business Views is highly flexible and an easy to use technology. The images on Google Business Views can be beautifully displayed on your computer screen. The images can also be shared through any social media, including websites, Facebook or Google listings. This can help increase traffic to your website as well as the business itself.

7) Provide excellent content:

With the help of Google Business Views, the businesses can embed their images on the website with additional content that helps customer make decision to visit a certain place. This will be beneficial for a customer to get an interactive tour with all the information about the place without paying for the virtual tour.

8) Attract Customers Who Otherwise Would Never See Your Store:

Making the content of the business accessible to customers is a major advantage. Virtual tours can add credibility to your store. This is a great way to kick start a business and showing customers what you can offer.

9) Easily add features to Google Plus Page:

Add amazing content, with pictures of inside and outside view of the place. The reviews, comments are an additional feature to entice customers towards the business.

10) Opportunity for small businesses:

Google Business Views provide a great opportunity to start your small business. This feature offers visitors to get to know the place, without having to visit it. They can get themselves familiar with the place even before visiting it. It can offer small business a great opportunity to showcase their business and attract more visitors.

Ian Johnson is a certified Google Trusted Photographer listed for Stockholm, on Google’s own GBV page.

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